Healthy Behaviors Smoking Dissertation Example

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Level: High School
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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Healthy Behaviors Smoking is one of the behaviors that are most likely to contribute to me having health challenges. I wish to stop it. It is one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide (Miller 4). It leads to an increase of two of the most leading causes of death: cancer and heart disease. Research has shown that only a small percentage of smokers can stop permanently every year (Liebermann 11). I believe that the behavior is problematic due to the health issues associated with it such as lung cancer and even chronic immune illnesses. I plan to alter my smoking behavior by replacing it with healthier ones such as going to the gym for exercise. By quitting it, I anticipate being healthier, for instance, to have a stronger immune system and to have a normal white blood cell count (Hoegar 14). I also hope to achieve lower levels of cholesterol and decreased risks of heart illnesses. The behaviors that are likely to su...

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