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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Home Schooling Speech IntroductionHomeschooling is not a waste of time; it simply is a mode of study preferred to the normal teacher-student setting. Before homeschooling was introduced going to school was the in thing. If you did not go to school society would judge you harshly and even distance from you. Newsflash now kids who cried on their first day at school do not have to go through such trauma anymore all thanks to homeschooling! I am quite sure most of us would not like to think back to that day let alone narrate it to anyone. Homeschooling began way back during the colonial age through the 1600s and the 1700s. At that time colonialists considered it the best option to impart their children with reading, writing, arithmetic and trade and vocational skills. In addition, parents would always instruct and mold the values, morals, behavior, and matters related to faith in their children ("Homeschooling Facts, Information,...

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