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Homeland Security Name Institution Intellectual property and the impact of counterfeit merchandise in the United States economy Intellectual property is the establishment of the cognizance, such as artistic and literary works, inventions, symbols and designs, images and names utilized in commerce. It is also the safeguard of mind’s creations, which have a commercial and a moral value. Thus, intellectual property is guarded by law, for instance, copyright, patents, and trademarks that enable persons to earn financial and recognition advantage from whatever they create or invent (Purvis, 2008). Counterfeit merchandise has an impact on the U.S. economy. American industries and businesses lose approximately two hundred billion dollars in incomes annually because of counterfeits. On a wider scale, counterfeit products account for over half a trillion dollars every year. Counterfeiting immeasurably influences the employment proportions in the United States. Reputable firms sell less ...

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