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How to Inspire Every Child to be a Lifelong Reader Name Institution Date The topic, how to inspire every child to be a lifelong reader, was presented on Ted talk by Alvin Irby in November 2017 in New York. According to Irby, children especially black boys in the United States are not good readers (Irby, 2017). Schools do not teach young children reading skills but instead teach them difficulty words and historical events. In particular, Irby’s mother convinced her son to read and he did so but did not develop a love for the same. The schools dictate what learners should read instead of enabling them to conceive their identity and make better reading decisions (Irby, 2017). These children tend to like reading the enjoyable books and thus fail to develop interest and love for reading. The piece is very illuminating because it underlines the importance of placing children at the forefront of the learning process for them to be good readers. Generally, if a person is included in ...

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