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HUMAN RESOURCES IN BUSINESS by (name) Course Tutor University City, State Date of submission Question 1 Traditional business performance indicators mostly relied on financial metrics or the ability of a business to achieve the necessary financial goals (Rosova & Balog, 2012, p. 3). In this case, one could measure the performance of a business through earnings indicators. These are expressed through the company’s net income gained after payment of taxes and before any interest is accrued on the earnings. Therefore, a business could be perceived to be performing well if the net income is way above their target and shows an improvement over the previous fiscal year’s revenue. These traditional methods, however, proved ineffective because they failed to show changes that occurred that led to a shift in competitive advantage leading to a clamor for more holistic performance indicators. The Harvard Business School introduces such a tool called The Balanced Scorecard659. Th...

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