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HUMAN TRAFFICKING By Student Name Course Tutor Institutional Affiliation Date Human Trafficking Human trafficking is one of the major crimes of the current century which international forces are struggling to put to an end. The most affected population consists of the women, mostly young women, and children (Okech 2017, pg. 2). It is estimated that about ninety-nine percent of the victims being sexually exploited are women (ILO, 2017, np). By 2016, reports by the International Labor Organization indicated that about 40.3 million people are victims of human trafficking with 24.9 million individuals subjected to forced labor from a global perspective (ILO, 2017, np). The basic assumption is that for 1000 people, about 5 of them are victims of human trafficking. Also, one in four victims of human trafficking in children. For the 24.9 million individuals subjected to forced labor, it is estimated that about sixteen million individuals are put into domestic labor, agricultur...

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