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I.S.I.S. threat to the United States Name Institute Affiliation I.S.I.S. threat to the United States The United States has warned law enforcement officials and the judiciary from various parts of the world about the threat posed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group. Initially, the terror group’s stronghold was in Northern Iraq and eastern Syria and was destroyed, but the militants have restructured again. Now ISIS is becoming more and more decentralized which makes it extremely dangerous and unpredictable (Joshi, 2014). There has been a misconception that all terrorist groups target America’s homeland. In reality, these militia goons want to take over the entire world. They are a threat to any country especially is it seems to be economically stable and well endowed. Most nations have other vital agendas that come first before the fight against terrorism (Lister, Wechsler, Katz, & Cronin, 2016). Prioritizing on destroying the Islamic state might seem like...

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