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Name: Tutor’s name: Course number: Date: The Wage Bill Debate Democrats and Republicans often pull in opposite directions as regards what figure is economically and morally justifiable as a minimum wage. The most recent awakening of this debate has been the brainchild of Democrat leaders who are now pushing for a $15 national minimum wage. The article Democrats Officially Introduce $15 Minimum Wage Bill by Sean Higgins highlights this unequivocally. This article highlights the brief history of the minimum wage campaigns and the times it has been a focus for political debate. The article further highlights the chances of success for the bill, which are slim at best, owing to the numerical strength of the Republican Party in Congress. The rallying call for Democrats is that it is not only economically justifiable but also a moral matter, while the Republicans insist that the proposed minimum wage will be detrimental to the employment rates. A salient idea from the article is t...

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