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PUBLIC SPEAKING Name Institution PUBLIC SPEAKING Q1. The MESSAGE is presented verbally and is about Dr. Taylor reckoning with the stroke. She narrates her viewpoint on the brain and its ability for recovery. The RECEIVER in the “stroke of insight speech” is the people affected by a brain injury. The SENDER of “stroke of insight speech’’ is called Jill Bolte Taylor a trained brain scientist. He is a neuroanatomist by profession. The CHANNEL of communication used is word of mouth also video and internet. Under ENCODE, Dr. Taylor uses words to get the message to the listener, and even involve gestures. This she does to convey thoughts. Dr. Taylor explains the sequence of events and illustrates the emotions related to her views.  She uses accounts to transport the listeners into her form as she loses touch with realism.  As her mind starts to flicker between her left brain and right brain, the listeners are there with her, contemplating and feeling her thoughts and mind...

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