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Individual and Organizational Behavior Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Individual and Organizational Behavior Job, work team, organization, and vocation fit In any profession, a person is assigned specific tasks. The assignees should have the competence and the capability to execute a task and achieve the best results possible. As for an underwriter, it is crucial that he or she should be fit for their position. This is because the insurance company will mostly rely on the underwriter to understand the risks to ensure to accrue profitability. Lack of competence in a specific job, teamwork, or organization could lead to losses. Big Five Framework Among the issues explored in the framework is the openness of an underwriter to experience; thus, he or she should be ready for changes in the approaches to work. Secondly, conscientiousness and dependability of an underwriter should be common aspects in an individual. Subsequently, extraversion, agreeableness, and abil...

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