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Injection Molding Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Types of Plastic Production Techniques Production techniques for plastic materials depend on the equipment available and thermal characteristics of the polymer used. Molding polymer material to form different shapes requires proper dies and tools to make the final product (Frizelle, 2011, 206). Standard techniques for manufacturing plastic products include the following: Injection molding where the raw, heated raw material is forced into the mold. Extrusion method where granules and pellets are used to produce the final product Blow molding technique in which both extrusion and injection molding are combined Rotational molding which involves mold fixed in a machine which rotates about an axis Thermoforming that requires heating thermoplastic and pulled into a pattern by pressure from a vacuum. The calendaring method which is film extrusion process Basic Steps for Plastic Production The hydrocarbon compound i...

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