Institution Abstract The Nagasaki and Hiroshima atomic bomb incident Dissertation Example

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Investigating History Name Institution Abstract The Nagasaki and Hiroshima atomic bomb incident was a move by the United States to ensure that Japan surrender bring an end to WWI. My research topic is on the Scientific and Technological advances, especially the environmental effect the atomic bomb had. I have learned a lot in the past weeks, information that I was not aware of and have had so many shocking and interesting revelations along the way. The atomic bomb killed a huge number of Japan citizens and the people who survived or were in the neighboring surroundings suffered lasting diseases such as body deformation and Leukemia. The bombing was also a move by the US to stop any Soviet Union endeavors to occupy Japan and the US used this chance to exercise and showcase their superiority. This section of my assignment will analyze a secondary source and my pick was Janice Harper’s article and reflect on how historical lenses can impact the investigation of a historical theme. S...

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