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Lactation Student's Name Institution Affiliation It was quite an interesting experience meeting with breastfeeding mothers and learning from them about their experience during the process of breastfeeding and the impact the process has had on their lives and that of their baby. According to these mothers, they have developed the art of breastfeeding over time since they gave birth. Most of these mothers attended prenatal classes, but they found the lessons taught at the hospitals quite beneficial and hence ensuring mothers practice correct breastfeeding techniques to ensure their comfort and hence reduce the chances of termination of breastfeeding. They were mostly interested in these six specific topics concerning breastfeeding; Latching, Hand expression, engorgement, sore nipples, low milk supply and fussy baby. Correct breastfeeding is based on correct latching and positioning. This will ensure a constant supply of milk and prevent sore nipples. A breastfeeding mother is expec...

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