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Name: Instructor College: Course: Date: Opinion Report The tune of reference is easy to memorize for the reason that it is based on a simple ordinary story. In brief, the story goes that the singer is feeling cold and so wants a dog that is lying next to a fireplace to excuse him so that he can get some heat. Even though the song has several themes, there are two main ones that are so obvious. The two themes include empathy and kindness. The singer who is feeling cold wants the dog that is lying beside the fireplace to understand him by sharing with him the cold feeling he has. He also wants the dog to be warmhearted. In my judgment, the harmony in this song is dissonant. My explanation for this is that the sounds of the song appear to be unstable. One thing that is so evident at the many dissonant intervals in the song is the fact that these periods create high tensions in the song. The significance of this is that it makes an individual listening to this song remain alert. It ...

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