Interpersonal communication as a mediator Dissertation Example

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Name Professor Title Date Research Article CritiqueCitation Jeong, M., Tan, A. S., Brennan, E., Gibson, L., & Hornik, R. C. (2015). Talking about quitting: Interpersonal communication as a mediator of campaign effects on smokers’ quit behaviors. Journal of health communication, 20(10), 1196-1205. Purpose of the Article The research article cited above presents the report of a study aimed at examining the role that interpersonal communication plays in the context of anti-smoking campaigns presented over mass media. Specifically, the researchers explored two constructs. First, they aimed to determine whether or not conversations about quitting or campaign ads had any mediating effect on the effects of campaign exposure on two quitting behaviors; tried to completely quit smoking and sought assistance to quit smoking. They also aimed at determining whether there exists a connection between quitting-related and ad-related conversations. The rationale for Conducting the Resea...

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