Interview on Sociology of Sport Student’s Dissertation Example

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Interview on Sociology of Sport Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The paper aims at giving an expansive overview of the sociology of sport. It entails an interview with the athletic director in a sports academy where the athletes are trained to perfect their skills and be fit to compete in various races. The athletic director answers questions regarding the effects of religion and economic conditions on the sport. Also, he responds to the questions of the effects of politics and globalization on the sports. The media has also been mentioned as one of the key players in sports since it broadcasts the information all over the world. Ethnicity and racism are among the barriers in sports, and according to the athletic director, the problem has reduced in the past few years and rarely are people discriminated based on their ethnic or racial difference. Additionally, the gender equality in sports was also addressed in the interview. Finally, the director explained the e...

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