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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Immortal Life The recent innovations and technology and medicine have in the recent past intensified the debate on whether it would be desirable to live perpetually. It has become apparent that if more research were done, it would be possible to extend the human life by a few years more; around ten or twenty perhaps. This may be through minimizing the aging process. However, the question remains, should we have the chance to live a hundred more years or even never die, would we find the experience enjoyable? I argue that an immortal life would not be as bad as some people put it; it would be a pleasurable experience. One of the greatest critics of the immortal life was Bernard Williams who argued that “from facts about human desire and happiness and what a human life is, it follows both that immortality would be, where conceivable at all intolerable, and that death is reasonably regarded as an evil.” (Williams 73). He based ...

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