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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Socioeconomic Status Reflectionter’s The impact of social class on individual/family life and future Social class is a person’s wealth, occupation, income, and education levels. An individual’s position in society is defined by using factors such as wealth, education, occupation, and income levels. The levels can help determine where a person falls in the class social structure. Some countries have a rigid social structure that makes it challenging for people to move out. For example, in the US, people are confined in their social classes making it impossible to move out (Lareau 11). A social class plays a highly significant role in the lives of families. Families that have children are extremely impacted by the social class. For example, children whose parents have a higher education end up having more opportunities in future. In most cases, the parents get good jobs because they are professionals. Lower social class ...

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