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ITM 5000_Week 8 Assignment Questions Name University Lecturer Date Question 1 Answer: (a) Programs that Monitor Keyboard Activity A keylogger is one of the commonly used programs to monitor keyboard activity. Keylogger is a specific type of surveillance technology which records every keystroke typed on each computer system’s keyboard. The program is used to monitor activities and eliminate cybercriminals who might try to steal sensitive logins information. The program is also used by organization’s manager to monitor the employee’s activities, used by parents to monitor or supervise their children when operating computers where they track unauthorized activities among many more other uses. Other programs which perform the above-stated tasks include Revealer Keylogger, SurveliStar Activity Monitor, and iSpy-Automated Webcam Recording (Sinkov, 2010). The programs are designed in such a way that it scans the user activity through comparisons of files and expose all the...

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