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Student’s name Lecturer’s name Course name Date Journal 5 Objective # 2 The Shay rebellion, the 1786-1787 protests by the Massachusetts farmers against the government, was justifiable (Khan Academy Np). The protesters, led by Daniels Shay, fought against the prime merchants and lawyers in an attempt to air their grievances about the deteriorating harvests, the outrageously high taxation, and the effects of the great depression. By unearthing the deep economic injustices and corrupt policies in their state, they pointed out the weakness of the national government towards handling its states. It felt that the articles of confederation governance robbed the central one of its power, hence clarifying the need to enlarge the span of the power of the American government. Their demands later forced national executives to strengthen the federal government through the constitution. Objective # 4 The authors of the constitution ensured a balance and limit of the presidential power ...

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