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Aspects of Labor Force Name: Institution:  Aspects of Labor Force In a broader perspective, the labor force participation rate (LFPR) refers to the portion of employed and working individuals, especially in the Age group of 16-64, in the economy, which might be employed, or might be in the process of seeking for employment. Such is to indicate that the LFPR is meant to measure the active workgroup concerning age, as it occurs in a particular economy. The above perspectives and those explained in the case study contain aspects of the labor market theories which identify the role of the workers and employers and the resulting patterns of their input in the market. There are several reasons as to why a decline, as expressed in the case study usually occurs. Aging population as a factor is one of the common influencers of the decrease. Such demographic changes have been lauded to affect current labor force, even before a recession. As the Youth come close to the retirement age, t...

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