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Lay-off Case StudiesStudent’s nameInstructor’s name [Institutional Affiliation(s)] Downsizing Article Question 3 Downsizing and outsourcing of employees can reveal the attitude the corporation has towards the employees based on how employees are treated. Karl Marx viewed capitalism to be an economy where the rich continue to be rich while the poor continue to struggle which is currently the case as workers are working their best to create wealth for owners of corporations and yet the employers just decide to lay them off to get more profit while the workers embark on a new journey of struggle. Article: Levi Strauss Question 1 The closure of San Antonio Plant by Levi Strauss was a sound decision because operating in the United States had become expensive and the market was not ready to pay extra on the ground that the apparels were made in the United States (Shaw, 2008). It was not a social responsible decision since it led to the loss of many jobs. Question 2 Corporations...

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