Leadership Self-analysis Dissertation Example

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Student Professor Course Date Leadership Self-analysis Part A: Self-Assessment I began my career as an insurance advisor at a Retirement residence. It did not take me long to recognize that this was the perfect position fit for me as I was able to exercise my leadership skills. According to historical perception of leadership, it is believed that there are people who are born to be leaders and right from the start they pose leadership traits and this I can say about myself (Hairon et al., pg. 712). As a leader, one has to be convincing and confident at the same time, this I can say about myself. Some of my other strengths as a leader are that I am concise in communicating the intended message, yet able to help people make smart choices concerning their retirement plans (Raelin, pg. 219). However, I at times get frustrated when things fail to go my way and end up yelling at everyone who crosses my part. Thus, I need to learn to develop a calm personality and one that solves issue...

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