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Name: Course Instructor: Date: Part One In general, it was very straightforward to find all the three primary sources. I typed Leo Szilard on all repositories and easily got the preferred result. Moreover, these sites had very easy search engines that allowed one to search a keyword of the document needed and it brings various documents to zero in. Yes, In the Truman Library Archives, I found the interview with Tom Evans. The search term that I used in the search tab was “Leo Szilard." There were various documents found, but the one I wanted was the second document. The link is https://www.trumanlibrary.org/oralhist/evans4.htm. Yes, on The National Security Archive webpage I found the petition against the use of the atomic bomb directed to President Truman by Leo Szilard. My keyword used in the search was Szilard and petition. The link is http://nsarchive.gwu.edu/NSAEBB/NSAEBB162/34.pdf. Yes, In the Voices of the Manhattan website, I traced the dialogue with Lilli Hornig, a...

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