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Name Tutor Course Date Lesson Plan on Eclipse Ball Objectives To be in a position to appreciate teamwork by the end of the lesson; To have some skills to help get the ball over the net; To improve fitness through daily exercise. Equipment Eclipse balls, volleyball net, and pickleball paddle Lesson Details: Warm up The students will start the lesson doing some exercise to get ready to play. They will also be divided into groups of 5 individuals. Before new lessons students will repeat what was learned at previous classes. Main Activities The students will get into their teams and form a circle where they will throw the ball to each other. After around 5 minutes they will practice with other teams to improve on their hits. The students will play one game without the net to know which students need more practice. One person will throw the ball while the other one tries to hit it back. This will go on for 10 minutes. Afterwards, the students will play the game with a...

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