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Portfolio Assignment A Day in Your Life in the Global Economy Name: Net ID: When you complete this assignment, save it in a portfolio folder you will later submit after lesson 8. This portfolio folder will contain portfolio items you will be collecting throughout the course. The market revolution never really stopped. The American economy shifted from local to national markets between the Revolution and the Civil War, but after that the main trend became the shift from national to international markets. This started happening in a major way in the late 1800s and was slowed down some by the World Wars, Great Depression, and the Cold War but then exploded again in the 1990s. Billions of people who could not take part in world markets now globally buy and sell. In this assignment, you will look at your connections to the world’s markets and compare the causes and effects of the market revolution of the early 1800s with those of globalization today. Make sure you look at the gra...

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