Letter of protest End the Miami tolls Dissertation Example

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Student's name: Professor's name: Course: Date due: Letter of protest End the Miami tolls plea 3791 NW 19th St. Miami 5th June 4, 2018 MDX Members 3790 NW 21st St, Miami, FL 33142, USA. Re. How the increased tolls in Miami upset the people Dear Mrs. Maritza Gutierrez It is with a great concern that I write to you on behalf of the people of Miami regarding the increased tolls that have hit the city. Over the past years before the launch of the new tolls system, a common Miami resident was already parting with approximately $50 per month. Right now, the amount has doubled, and the least a resident can pay $100. It is worth to note that this has dramatically increased the family expenses of the Miami people. Right now, all the major highways have virtual tolls which mean the amount paid by every resident to reach his or her destination has increased. According to the rate schedule per toll, a commuter who has to cross all the available five expressways has to pay $85.75 for f...

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