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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Literary Analysis of “Disgrace” by J.M Coetzee The novel “Disgrace” by J.M Coetzee is set in the post-apartheid South Africa with an entrenched political agenda. The book triggers a controversy defined by emotional and political elements not only witnessed in the African country but also in the rest of the world. Primarily, the book seeks to paint the effects of apartheid as seen in South Africa which can be mapped to the rest of the world where such happenings were witnessed. Coetzee uses a high level of writing expertise to craft the message of the novel utilizing a host of literary devices around various characters like David Lucy Bev and Petrus among others. The focus of this essay is to subject the novel Disgrace to analysis with the emphasis being on the use of the setting, symbolism, imagery, and plot to create, maintain and drive the central message. Just like in most of Coetzee’s novels, the setting of Disgrace...

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