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Lynx Pardinus Name Institution Lynx Pardinus Scientifically known as Lynx pardinus, the Iberian lynx is one of the most endangered species of wild cats. The wildcat is a native of the Iberian Peninsula commonly found in the southwest of Spain and most parts of Portugal. Due to their origin, the Lynx pardinus is also known as Iberian lynx, Pardel lynx, and Spanish lynx. A few years ago, the lynx would be found in Northern Iberia and most of the southern regions (Deliebs, 2009). Recent surveys have shown that less than five hundred adult lynxes live in their native areas. Currently, the largest lynx population is at Donana National Park where they are protected. Most lynx favor Mediterranean scrublands with patches of open grasslands as their habitats (Palomares, Rodriguez, Rivera, Lopez & Calzada, 2010). With most of their terrains being 1300m and below. The Spanish/ Iberian lynx is very similar in appearance to the Eurasian Lynx but slightly smaller in size. The male lynx is l...

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