Managerial Economics Dissertation Example

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Managerial Economics Name: Institutional affiliation Price discrimination is a technique in microeconomics where a company offering similar or identical goods charges different prices to different markets. Companies carry out price discrimination either due to the difference in cost of production or to make a maximum price on a product (Kilvington and Price, 2017). However, for it to be successful, companies require to consider the reservation value of every customer (Ferrell, 2016). To this end, it is important to take into account the amount of money the customers are willing to pay for a given product. Amazon is a company based in the United States dealing with electronic and cloud computing products. The company has a good opportunity to use indirect price discrimination for their products since they have a variety of customers with different capabilities. It has been voted as one of the companies which are executing a second-degree price discrimination. In this type of discri...

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