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many of today’s drivers have dangerous habits Sample
Name Course Instructor Date Dangerous habits of drivers With better standards of living almost every individual owns a car. In the United States, a family of four adults for example at least three have vehicles which means that there is a very high chance that all of them are drivers. People learn how to drive even before they buy cars. In some countries, for example, those in East Africa a driver's license has the same value as an identification card regarding access to public infrastructure. In Venezuela, the id number is the same as the driver's license number (Malone & Misty, 40). As much as the number of vehicles in third world countries are fewer than developed countries, a large number of people have a driver's license, and they drive cars that either are borrowed or employed to drive. To acquire a driver’s license people attend schools and are trained how to drive they are examined and declared fit for driving but when some of them get to the roads, they develop danger...
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