Free Marketing Mix Project- Asus computers Dissertation Example

Marketing Mix Project- Asus computers Sample
Analysis of Asus Computers Company Students Name Institutional Affiliations Introduction The Asus Computers Company has worked over the years to ensure that it provides customers with high standard tablets, desktops, and their main product, Asus laptops. To have their name on top of the list, as a producer of both consumer and business products, the company has consistently satisfied customer wants through a pocket-friendly pricing system and effective distribution of the products for convenience purposes (Armus 2005). That narrows down to their marketing strategy which is unique in nature, and has succeeded in earning them many clients. This paper will discuss the marketing mix strategy for Asus Company, while paying attention to the 4 Ps. Section1. Product Asus Company has a wide range of products, made up of approximately 20 brands, both customized and generalized. Out of the brands, nearly 2,000 are choices of computers one can consider, with 90% of it bending towards calories typ...
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