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Marriot Corporation Financial Analysis Name Institutional affiliation Marriot Corporation Financial Analysis Debt to income ratio is primarily used to determine the risk level of a company by investors. It requires a combination of other financial health measures to certify the credibility of a firm. Marriot Corporation debt ratio can be calculated by dividing its debts with total assets. That equates ($8,238/$23,984) =0.3435 and ($8,506/$24,140) =0.3524 for 2017 and 2016 respectively (figures in million dollars). When calculated as a percentage, they equate to 34% and 35% respectively. These figures portray a decrease in the debt ratio of the company in 2017. If the debt ratios are less than 100%, it means the company has more assets than debts. Investors can choose to risk their finances in the company. On the other hand, Time Interest earned helps investors to measure the capability of an organization to settle its debts. It is calculated as total earnings before tax divided...

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