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Name CourseTutor Date Martin Luther King Jr. / Malcolm x and Brown v. Board ‘Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X’ were both leaders who advocated for civil rights equality and discouraged discrimination of African Americans early in the 1960s but had different ways of how the rights would be won. Both men were religious who followed different paths of religion since one was Muslim while the other was a Christian. The life and leadership styles of the two are vastly different in their lives and experiences. Martin practiced a charismatic type of leadership and stood by non-violence and racial justice. He was brought up in a loving environment where both parents supported him, and his father was a minister who provided him with a quality education. He followed his father's footsteps since he was a role model and those experiences shaped him to be a non-violent charismatic leader. On the other hand, Malcolm encouraged blacks to fight violence against the whites who oppressed a...

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