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Name Instructor Course Date Mentor Change Letter Coordinator, Mentor Services Team [Company] [Company Address] [Publish Date] Dear, coordinator, Re: Request for a change of the mentor At this moment I am requesting for a change in my mentor due to academic reasons because I am changing my focus of study from liberal art education to computer studies starting from June in the year 2018. My current mentor has been doing a fantastic job in mentoring me right from the time I joined the organization five years ago. Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to my current mentor, who is also the head of the department of liberal arts for his unwavering support throughout my mentorship journey so far. I believe he has played a critical role in increasing my productivity in my working environment. My mentor gives me insightful advice especially on the best ways to ensure I work with due diligence at my position at the company. However, I recently earned a promotion in the departm...

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