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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: I have a Dream Martin Luther King Junior, a civil rights activist in America, delivered a very powerful public speech “I have a dream” that persuaded for the end of racism in the US. He described the dream as the days when slavery and hatred will come to an end, and the citizens will have freedom and equality. There are various ways in which this speech connects to its audience, making it successful. In the speech, the author’s voice, dress, gesture, and the general appearance depict the author as an individual full of wisdom and knowledge. He uses prophetic voice, voice merging, and dynamic spectacles. The speech was full of symbolism and appropriate allusions. For instance, he mentions “Five score years ago” to refer to Lincoln’s famous Address speech in Gettysburg that began “Four score and seven years ago” (Pandey N.p). The allusion is particularly touching considering that he was speaking in front of the Lincoln Memorial. The ...

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