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Moby-Dick Name University Affiliation Date Moby-Dick Despite being published more than a century and a half ago, the novel Moby-Dick by Herman Melville continues to raise speculation about what might have inspired such an imaginative story. Many readers agree that the story has its inspiration in the shipwreck of Essex, a whaling ship that went down in 1820. Melville’s time as part of the crew of the whaleship by the name Acushnet also played an inspirational role in the writing of the novel. The themes that Melville focuses on include brotherhood as well as the universe and its mysteries. As pointed out earlier, Herman Melville was a crew member on the Acushnet, a whaling ship. It is while working on this ship that Melville found out that among other issues that generated exciting conversations was Essex’s story. He was able to learn more about the Essex, the shipwreck incident, and its survivors. In Moby-Dick, readers can see how Essex’s story had an impact on the a...

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