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Multiculturalism or Diversity Speech Proposal Name Institution Date Multiculturalism and diversity comprise of diverse aspects. These various perspectives include race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, education, gender, marital status, geographical region, marital status, and age (Modood, 2013). This paper discusses positive impacts of two aspects of multiculturalism and diversity, and it proposes speech topics about ethnicity and religious diversity. The American society encompasses different ethnicities. Multiculturalism is unavoidable in a country where people from all over the world relocate to as migrants (Modood, 2013). The United States of America is a haven of multiculturalism due to different people who speak different languages. Understanding the cultures of various ethnicities brings cohesion to the American society. The ethnic variation comes from within the different races. These multiple ethnicities speak different languages. When the American society unde...

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