Multiplatform Promotions Dissertation Example

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Multiplatform Promotions Student’s Name: Institution Affiliation: Date: Multiplatform Promotions Question 1. Real Life and Current Examples of the Application of Multiplatform Promotions Advertising is one of the critical values that determine the success of your business or any entity that you want it to be known to the people. It is therefore vital to choose the best type of advertising method to use to reach our target customers with ease and to be well understood. The power of advertising generally lies on the media selected for the use and the time that you want to convey the advert (Moriarty, Mitchell & Wells, 2009). Companies all over the world have devised different means and techniques of propagating their messages to reach the intended clients. As a result, there has been extensive development in the use of multiplatform promotions to reach many people. Multiplatform promotions use virtually all the available media to send information and messages to some people u...

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