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Student’s name Lecturer’s name Course name Date My diagnosis #1 The story in question is a first person narration because it has a narrator who tells the tale from her subject angle. She rants about her personal sickness and its contribution to the strained relationship with his mother. It is a personal account of his life in the hands of his inappreciative mother and the inquisitive friends of the mother. For instance, he says that ‘I will confirming that indeed, the victim in the story is the one telling about his experiences hence using a first person perspective. # 2 The difference between the narrator and the author is that the former creates the idea and the context of the fictional story that revolves around the latter. His work is to create the work and watch it unfold hence he is external to the fiction itself. On the other hand, the person narrating is the central character and is the reason why the plot of the story progresses positively. She serves to enhan...

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