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Name of Sender Address City Date Recipient’s Name Address City Dear Professor, RE: REQUESTING FOR ADDITIONAL TIME Am writing to request for additional time to finish my work because I have fallen behind. My father is always sick; he is unable to perform his daily activities well and thus requires close monitoring and specialized care from family members. As a result of his condition, he does not have a job and therefore cannot provide all the basic needs of the family. On the other hand, my family is an immigrant family, and my mother is unable to speak English well. That has always hindered her from getting employment or starting a small scale business because she is unable to talk with clients or customers. Therefore, am the only person in my family who can support my parents in the provision of basic needs and raise my young brothers. To support my family, I have to do two jobs; one which is part-time and the other one is full time. As a result, it has always become a c...

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