National Security: Nuclear Attack Targets Dissertation Example

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Intelligence and National Security: Nuclear Attack Targets Name Institutional Affiliation Intelligence and National Security: Nuclear Attack Targets There are numerous targets of nuclear attacks in the country. America, as a country, garnered several rivals over the course of history and a considerable number of them have nuclear weapon capability. An interesting example would be Guam which most analysts believe is on a direct attack line for North Korea. More so, Guam is a strategic center for military operations for the federal government. Therefore, the area would be an easy target for enemies of the state. Guam also functions as storage for nuclear-equipped bombers targeting North Korea and its allies. Washington DC would be next probable target for rival nations with nuclear missiles. The area is under heavy supervision and protection but remains a known target for anyone wishing to deteriorate the administrative structure of the government CITATION Wal18 l 1033 (Waldrop, 20...

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