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NURSING Name: School: Course: Tutor: Fear of the cost associated with accessing medical facilities affects the health of individuals. Accessing medical care involves the use of money that some people may not have. This is also worsened by the fact that most of these people having fear have low economic status hence are not insured. This fact often makes them shun hospitals because of the debate over payment for medical services or paying for basic services like food and shelter. In future, this results and costs them their health since some minor diseases are not treated and properly diagnosed in time. Page-Reeves et al. identify that some opt to buy basic household items than buy drugs, which might, in the future, cost them their lives as a consequence of uncontrolled diseases. All these costs of healthcare lead to stress/ fear of the economic conditions that leads to depression and further disparities in the chronic disease. Yes, I agree. The health of an individual appears ...

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