Nursing Care for Alcohol and Drug Dissertation Example

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Nursing Care for Alcohol and Drug Addiction Name Institutional Affiliation Nursing Care for Alcohol and Drug Addiction Drug abuse and alcoholism have now become part of many people’s lives, and it is essential for nurses to recognize the risks that the abusers may fall in and assist in managing their care. It is necessary for nurses to identify the concerns of the drug addicts and the symptoms and effects they exhibit before administering any medical attention. Nurses can assess for substance abuse and crises by physical dependence and psychological dependence of the patient. Psychological dependence is the gradual craving for alcohol and substance abuse to stimulate the body or relieve depression and anxiety. On the other hand, physical dependence is a situation where the body adapts to alcohol and substances leading to withdrawal and physical disturbances (Kanel, 2014). There are several interventions measures appropriate for drug abusers and alcoholics (Freisthler & Wol...

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