Obesity in Children in Primary Schools in England and France Dissertation Example

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Aspects That Impact Obesity in Children in Primary Schools in England and France Student Institution Course Date Introduction Obesity in childhood has been identified as a universal health issue. The incidence of obesity among children in France is found to be of higher value; however, the record of children who are obese in France is quite smaller than that in the United Kingdom. This research focuses on availing a contrast of obesity incidences and also identifying some of the lifestyles and cultures that contribute to obesity rates among primary school-going kids in France and England. In this cross-sectional quantitative study, a sample number of 98 French children were selected while for England children were 105. The method of collecting information entailed using questionnaires in which it focuses on acquiring data on the children’s hobbies, the physical activities they got involved in, the distance to school and the travel means they use when going to school. Statist...

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