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On Being an Atheist Student’s Name Institution Abstract H.J. McCloskey offers critical revelations and insights on why atheists believe that there is no God. This analysis considers the arguments by McCloskey on the Atheists beliefs and provides a counterclaim to show why the arguments by the author are not founded on sound proofs. The analysis considers the criticism of McCloskey regarding the central arguments which forms the basis of the theist’s belief in the nature and presence of God. The analysis also considers the arguments of other authors such as Evans and Manis as well as William Lane Craig regarding the issues raised on atheism to derive a strong opinion and criticisms of the McCloskey opinion. The aim is not to simply disagree or agree with the author’s opinion but to offer a critical review and reflection of the text and show why McCloskey is unjustified in his argument. Thus, the analysis is a counter-claim of McCloskey’s views. Keywords: Atheism, theist, ...

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