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OLDER WISER LOCAL SENIORS EVENT By (Name) Course Tutor University Date Part 1 Event Objectives and Measures of Success The Older Wiser Local Seniors (OWLS) event held on the 13th of April at the Headingley Campus of the Leeds Beckett University provided an opportunity for students and older adults in the local community to interact and develop meaningful relationships. According to Bringle et al. (2002, p.508), such event is important as older adults are wise and responsible in regards to emotional state. Besides, Flanagan and Levine (2010, p.160) emphasize that the action of the older adult is based on positive personal values. And through the interactions, the learners have an opportunity to help while they still learn from the old. The aim of the event was to reduce falls in the elderly through improvement of their muscular strength. Participants in the event as already identified were volunteer students from the local community and adults aged 65 years and above who liv...

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