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Author’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Title: Date of Submission: Mother tongue by Army Tan employs the aspects of simplicity to appeal to the audience. In her introduction, she brings herself to the same level as his audience which makes them attentive and desires to know more. The author uses easily understood English which makes the readers easily relate to what she is saying. The author employs the aspect of the flashback where she tells her audiences about her experience speaking broken English and where this makes today, her viewers curious and to listen more. The author uses rhetoric to appeal to emotion to capture his audiences, in that her being limited to English is because of the influence of her mother this displays the personal experience. Tan also employs symbolism to his viewers. The use of broken English symbolizes the immigrants and the perfect spoken English to symbolize the Native Americans (Tan, 23). Amy essay can help people better understand their chal...

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