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Working With Clients with Addictions: The Case of Barbara and Jonah Author’s Name Institution This case provides that the child, Jonah, is already suffering the effects of the drugs his parents used before he was born. Their actions and addiction severed the development of the child. The main effect of their drug abuse is the fact that Jonah had an abnormality where he had two stomachs, with one on the outside, a condition that means his stomach will never function fully. Jonah also underwent multiple surgeries at such a tender age, which placed him at a risk of more infections and sepsis. Apart from that, the child is likely to suffer brain damage which may not be manifest at his tender age. This damage may affect Jonah’s performance in terms of academics and also his social interactions. The case also provides that his frail health provides that he cannot attend a regular daycare, which weighs down on the parents as well, making it difficult to provide for him. Despite ...

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