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Parole Board Hearing Simulation Name: Institution: Parole Board Hearing Simulation Parole entails releasing an offender back to the community under supervision which is done before the offender completes their term but after they serve a minimum term. While parole is possible for indeterminate terms, parole is impossible for determinate terms. Indeterminate terms are jail terms where the court assigns the offender a range of years, say one to five years, which they should serve in jail while determinate terms are jail terms where the court assigns the offender a discrete period that they have to serve. Parole Boards are tasked with a huge responsibility since an incorrect decision means that they could be endangering public members by granting parole to an offender who is not fit for parole. Also, the failure by a Parole Board to grant parole to an offender who is fit for parole means that it is an injustice to the individual. Several steps and measures are taken into account by ...

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